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Friday, January 6, 2012

9. Brisbane to Maleny

Depart Central Railway Station : 8.34am
Arrive Nambour Railway Station : 10.22am

Hinterland Connect Bus Service
Depart Nambour: 11.02am
Arrives Maleny: 11.53am

Return Journey

Depart Maleny: 3.52pm
Arrive Nambour: 4.43pm

Connecting train -
Depart Nambour: 4.30pm
Arrive Caboolture Railway Station 5.33pm
Transfer at the same stop

Take train IPSW - Caboolture to Ipswich

Depart Caboolture: 5.52pm
Arrive Central Railway Station: 6.56pm.

For the train, this is a 17 zone journey, (travelling within zones 1 - 17) so cost is Concession, $10.20 each way - that's $20.40. If I get a Go Card the fare would be $7.01 each way - a total of $14.02. Plus the bus fare which on their website is given as $2.00 each way for concession. Either way it's a lot of money for very little in my opinion.

There is an earlier bus from Maleny but it leaves at 1.02pm which would only give me an hour at Maleny which would make the journey not worth it - a long time travelling for 60 minutes!

Might be best to look at going to Eumundi and Noosa Heads (on separate days).

Edited to add:
I have just realised that I would arrive back in Nambour after the train leaves. Damn, the timetable given in the bus website is wrong. Timetable for Nambour to Maleny

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