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Saturday, January 7, 2012

15. Eumundi Market & Noosa Heads

I'm in the middle of working out the time and cost of going to these places using public transport.

Depart Brisbane: 8.00am
Arrive Eumundi : 10.25am

Depart Eumundi: 12.20pm
Arrive Noosa Heads: 12.40pm

Depart Noosa Heads: 13.55pm
Arrive Nambour: 14.55pm

Depart Nambour: 15.13pm Platform 2
Arrive Brisbane: 17.02pm


Depart Brisbane: 7.07am Platform 6
Arrive Nambour: 9.56am

Well now, I've just realised a trip to Noosa Heads on public transport is 6 hours travelling time which doesn't leave much time off the trains and buses, so in hindsight, I think it best to pay the piper and do a day tour, unless I hire a car for two days from (say) 7.00am Saturday till 7.00am Monday. Although having a car allows time to drive here and stop there along the way, it means getting up early on my last day - something which I'd rather not have to do. So it looks like a day tour after all.

Well that's settled, I'm off to book a tour for the Wednesday. That gives me the weekend free.

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